For many people, buying a printer for home, office or small home business is a big investment and choosing the best one can be a daunting task and complicated for sure because there are various brands, shapes, sizes and models available out there. That’s the reason why we created this smart printer buying guide so that you can choose the best printer that will not disappoint you in the future. You can use this simple guide to help you find the different types of printers, what features available on them, and much more.


Type of Printers

Laser Printers : Faster speed + high quality

Laser printers offer some advantages as you can see below

– Lower Cost per Page : For those who want to print a lot of documents or pages in a day or large-volume print jobs as well as high-quality printing needs, you can consider the laser printer because with the device, you can can reduce your printing costs. It uses laser toner cartridge to produces more pages for less money than an inkjet cartridge. Moreover, the cost of toners for a laser printer is more affordable than refilling or replacing the cartridge of inkjet printer.

– Speed : A laser printer can work faster than inkjet printer. No doubt about it.

– Designed to Multitask: A laser printer can help users to handling multiple print jobs because they usually have better or faster processors as well as print engines that can print up to 50 pages per minute. Some printers also offer some useful features like network network printing and also have large paper-input/output trays that make them a great choices for office or business use.

– Better Text Printing: There are no inkjet printers that can deliver crisp black text or graphics as laser printer does. If you want to print documents that include small fonts then the best laser printers can done it for you. Laser printers come with fusing technology which is more efficient than inkjet printer.

Final verdict :

Although the price of laser printer is more expensive than inkjet printer, it is an ideal choice if you want to print black and white text pages faster with high quality and it offers cost effective printing for long term. If you have enough budget, you should choose the best color laser printer because you can get better-quality color output in comparison with most low-cost inkjet printers however if color is not a requirement, we recommend you to pick a monochrome laser printer.

Inkjet Printer : Cheaper than laser printer

Advantages of Inkjet printer

–  Small in Size, Affordable Price, Good on Performance: In case your printing needs are not too high or relatively low, it’s a good idea to use an inkjet printer because its low initial cost. The size of inkjet printer is smaller than most laser type make it great for home personal use.

– Price : The price of inkjet printer unit is considerably cheaper to buy.

– Images Quality : For some high-end inkjet printer, they can produce an awesome images quality especially if you use special paper.

– Lightweight : Most the best inkjet printers are relatively light weight as well as compact so they do not need much space on your desk.

Final verdict :

An inkjet printer is the best option for college students and photography because it can delivers colorful pictures, graphics, charts, banners in high quality printing performance. Some inkjet printers also allow you to print on CDs or DVDs but overall printing speed is slower than laser printer and the price of cartridge is more expensive than laser toner.

Photo Printers : A good choice for printing photos or images

A photo printer is spesifically designed to deliver high-quality photos at a lower cost. With the best photo printer, you can print directly from a digital camera using PictBridge, Flash drives, SD cards or memory. Some printers also let you make some corrections / edit on the photo right from the printer, such as cropping photos, resize photos or remove red-eye removal and so forth. Choose a photo printer if you want to explore your creative mind.

3D Printers : Easy for making 3 dimensional solid objects

As you might already know 3D printers have become very popular in recent years. They print in 3D using special materials like plastic, resin based materials, etc. The process is a bit complicated but today it has become more accessible in printing industry, professionals or average consumers. The output of 3D printers can be seen in our daily life from kitchen gadgets or kids custom toys. With a 3D printer, you can see your creative designs come to life.

Choosing a Printer

Buying a printer For Home use (personal)

If you are planning to buy the best printer for home use, it would be better to have a printer device that can help you to handle everything you need, ranging from photos, homework, etc. The printer also should features memory card readers (built-in) and wireless connectivity so it will be easier for sharing.

Printer For a Small Business or Home Office

All-in-one printer is the answer for this because this type of printer will do everything, from scanning the documents, fax invoices to customers or create colorful brochures. If you have big office or business that use multiple wireless-enable devices, you should find a printer with mobile printing capabilities. If you have printing business, you can consider to buy a printer that support wide format printing so it will so much easier to make posters, flyers, etc.

Dedicated printer for Photographer

A photographer will need a dedicated photo printer because with the device, they can print photos or any images in real colors whenever they want.

Inexpesnive or portable printer For Student & Traveller

Student need a printer to complete their daily task from terms papers or thesis and the inkjet printer is the answer for this because it is easier to print crisp text or detailed images. You may also consider to buy the best printers for college. Another printer that can be considered by students or even by businessman and traveler is a Portable Printer because it can be carried easily anywhere, from home to school, campus, office, etc and use it while on the go.

All in One Printer

Today, most printers have been equipped with multifunction capabilities like fax machine, scanner and copier. It’s not too difficult to maintenance an all-in-one printer because all features above is packed into one machine. These printers are simple and easy to use and in case you need more guide, you can read its manual. If you face a problem with the printer, simply contact the printer manufacturer to get additional support.

By using the best printers 2018, you can save more space on your room or office. The problems that may appear when you use separate printer, fax, copier, scanner can be reduced because they will only take small space. Your home of office will be less cluttered.

Having a multifunctional printer means save you more money for spending on several products!. This is true, because it will be more expensive for you when purchase each separate device. It also can improve the effectiveness and productivity in the office. Just purchase extended warranty for those who are worried with the durability of the printer.

There are various multifuntion printers on the market, from All-in-One Inkjet printer and All-in-One laser printer,. Find out in advance of your printing needs so that you will not regret it later.

Other Printer Features to Consider

– Wireless : Want to share your printer devices to other computers ?? You can do it easily using wireless features. By connecting your printer to a wifi network, the printer will be available to other computers in your network so more people can use your printer without having to use cable at all. The best wireless printers are not only great for home office use, but it also great for small business where there are multiple computers need to use the same printer at the same time.

– Paper Handling : Printers that have multiple paper trays can handle more and more pages so you will not too tired to refill the trays

– Duplexing : With duplex features, you can save more time and paper because the ability of printer to print document on both sides.

– Print Speed : Also consider the printer speed, and as we have talked above, laser printer generally work faster than inkjet printer. It’s referred as PPM or Pages per Minute or if you buy a photo printer, you can see the term IPM aka Image per minute.

– Touch-Screen Display (optional): With touch screen features, the navigation of your printer can be done easier, quickly input the data or make some command to the printer, etc. Most printers today come with touch screen display.

– PictBridge : It’s not practice for some people to transfer photos from camera to computer then print them, but today with PictBridge, you can print your photos or images right from the digital camera without having to move them to your computers or laptops. It’s simple to do, just plug your digital camera to your printer using USB cable then find the photos you would like to print then let the machine do the rest.

– Airprint : If you own iOS devices like iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you can print directly from your gadgets using this Airprint feature. It works simple and fast and you can print almost anything, from recipes, tickets, photos or other documents on your device. Check out the best Airprint printer.

Connecting to Your Printer

It’s now possible to send any documents to your printer. There are two options, Standard option using USB cable or wired connection and advance option using wireless connectivity. We can see that popular applications like AirPrint from Apple or Google Cloud Print offer their customer to use cloud-based printing services that let users to print documents just about anywhere including your smartphone or tablets to a variety of printers.

That’s all we can share with you.. After you read printer buying guide above, it’s time to buy your printer and I hope you can get the best printer device that can meet your needs and budgets.

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