Wireless color printers are becoming more and more popular today, but there are a lot of people who are still not very familiar with these devices. Here are 4 frequently asked questions about wireless color printers.

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FAQ #1: What are wireless color printers? Are there wireless monochrome printers? Are these devices different from standard printer types?

Wireless color printers are color printers which have wireless connectivity. There are various wireless connectivity options available for most printers including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and infrared connections. But the most popular today is the Wi-Fi connection which enables printers to connect to as many printers as there are in a single network. There are also wireless monochrome printers, and these are basically laser printers with wireless functions. There are a lot of models of this kind of printer in the market as well.

Wireless printers are not really different from standard printers. They are just improved models which have an integrated wireless server card which enables them to connect to the internet without the use of a LAN cable, similar to how a laptop can connect to a Wi-Fi connection.

FAQ #2: What are the types of wireless color printers?

There are several types of wireless color printers. The most common wireless color printer is the inkjet printer, while laser color printers with wireless connectivity are also becoming more and more popular. There are also other color printers which can have wireless connectivity like dye sublimation printers or compact photo printers, and digital or LED color printers.

FAQ #3: Which wireless color printer should I buy?

The various types of color wireless printers, namely inkjet, laser, digital/LED, and dye sublimation printers, have their own specific uses and features. Inkjet printers are the most versatile and most popular because they can produce high quality printouts in both black and colored ink. They are also very speedy. If you want to have a home, home office, or office wireless color printer, an inkjet wireless printer is what you should get.

Color laser printers are typically more expensive but they are also cheaper in maintenance costs as compared to inkjets. This is because the ink of laser printers takes a very long time to run out and the cost of every printout of these devices is very low. The duty cycles of these devices are also mostly very high and they can produce up to 50,000 or more pages of printouts per month.

Dye sublimation printers are especially designed for photo printing. These devices are made as compact photo printers because of the small space that the printing mechanism needs to take up. These devices have low resolutions but they are very good in producing high quality photos and their small sizes are great for on-the-go printing activities. However, these devices are typically available only with Bluetooth and infrared wireless connections, and none of them have Wi-Fi capabilities.

The last type, digital or LED wireless printers, are not very popular. But there are some Brother models like the HL-3070CW which are digital color LED printers that have wireless networking capabilities. These printers are like laser printers but they have slower printing speeds but lesser moving parts so there are lower chances for malfunctions and problems in the device.

FAQ #4: How much do these wireless color printers cost?

Depending on the type, the price ranges of these devices can be from as cheap as $50 to as expensive as $1,000. Inkjet printers are the cheapest, with the most expensive models not exceeding $500. Dye sublimation printers cost around $100 to $300 depending on the technology and features of the device. Color laser printers and LED printers are the most expensive, with the prices not lower than $300.


In your search for a wireless color printer, these facts will surely help you make the most informed decision. With better understanding about wireless color printers, you will be better able to judge whether these devices are what you need or not.