A small photo printer is especially useful for individuals who enjoy printing photos anywhere, any time. Small printers are very reliable tools, but how do you select the right one with so many options? In order to make a good selection, here are four tips on how to choose a small photo printer.

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Tip #1: Choose a printer that can fit the purpose of printing.

Sometimes, all we want is just a small printer that we can bring anywhere we go. But we also give importance to the ability of the printer to produce documents as well as photos and colored images. If you need a printer that’s small but is not completely limited to printing photos, you should buy a compact photo printer like the Canon PIXMA iP100.

However, if your purpose for printing is totally focused on printing photos, there are compact photo printers which are offered by various world-renowned printer brands like HP, Canon, and Epson, and these compact photo printers are only designed to print up to a maximum media size of 5’’ x 7’’. They also use dye sublimation which is a special method of printing exclusively photos, and they are not able to print standard size documents.

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If you will be using the printer for photo printing, you should be conscious about the features of the device. One of the most important things you should look for in a photo printer is direct printing. The essence of being able to use a small photo printer is that you don’t have to use a computer anymore. You can simply print the photo by using a direct method of printing like inserting memory cards if the printer has slots, using PictBridge connectivity, and sending files wirelessly through Bluetooth or infrared. There are a lot of small photo printers and even inkjet printers that match these requirements.

Tip #2: Identify the features of the printer that you need.

Other features that you might want in a small photo printer are rechargeable battery operation, wireless connectivity with computers, and LCD displays which will make navigation and operation much easier.

Tip #3: Select a printer according to the media size it can accommodate.

If you want to be able to print documents apart from photos, a portable inkjet printer is what you need. For compact photo printers, some of the printers have a maximum size of 4’’ x 6’’ photo only, while there are others which can print up to 5’’ x 7’’. There are also wallet size photo printers for very small photos. Depending on the size of photos that you want to produce, select the photo printer that fits your preference the best.

Tip #4: Dye sublimation is better than inkjet in compact photo printing.

If you want to be able to print excellent photos using a small printer, you should get a dye sublimation printer. However, you need to be prepared to pay for it and you also have to be wise when choosing which device you want to use. Dye sublimation printers are very costly when it comes to dye consumption so you should only buy this kind of printer if you are a professional or you are really enthusiastic about printing professional-grade photos.


There are a lot of portable printers in the market, but choosing the right small photo printer for your use requires more than just price comparison. You need to be smart, and these four tips will be very helpful for you to make the best choice.