Laser printers are seldom advised to be used for quality photo and image printing processes. This is because the printing mechanism used by laser printers is not efficient in producing image and photo printouts. But does that mean you can no longer use laser printers for photo printing? Here are some alternatives for photo laser printers so you can find the best solution for your laser photo printing needs.

Alternative #1: For monochrome photo printing, an inkjet printer is the cheapest yet most efficient choice.

Laser printers, although very good for monochrome text and document printing, are not at all advisable to use on photo printing activities. This is because of the laser mechanism that these printers use which make them unable to produce beautiful grayscale shades as well as black and white hues. The best solution for black and white photo printer would be to use an inkjet printer. It’s cheap, it’s available in all printer stores, and there are many different choices to choose from so you can surely find exactly what you’re looking for.

Alternative #2: For color printing, you can also get an inkjet printer.

If you need a printer for both monochrome and color photo printing, there’s no better device to use than an inkjet printer. Since this printer is really designed for color printing, it has the qualities that can be very efficient for your colored photo printing needs.

Alternative #3: If you want to be able to make use of laser color printing for black prints but you also want a good quality color printer for images and photos, get a color laser printer which has a resolution of at least 4,800 dpi.

If for instance, what you want is the black text document printing efficacy of a laser printer but you also need a color printer to produce photos, then the best choice for you to get is a color laser printer with at least a resolution of 4,800 dpi. There are a lot color laser printers with this resolution and even higher, but they are quite pricey.

Alternative #4: If what you’re aiming at is just high quality photo printing, it’s best to get a dedicated photo inkjet printer for your use.

If all you want is a printer for producing high quality photos, there are photo inkjet printers which are exactly engineered to perform this purpose. You don’t need to get a laser printer assuming that it’s better at color or monochrome image printing. When it comes to photo printing, no matter if it’s colored, black and white, or grayscale, an inkjet printer is always best to use.

Alternative #5: Other printer types may be good solutions for your photo printing needs.

If an inkjet isn’t really your choice, try other printer types like dye-sublimation photo printers, digital LED color printers, or thermal dye printers. These printers have specific printing purposes and uses, but try studying what other types of printers can be good for photo printing so you can get the best alternative for your desired printing device.


Even though there are no photo laser printers on the market, there are some very good alternative solutions that you can use to replace these printers. These alternatives are not only more efficient for your photo printing needs – they are smarter expenditures of your hard-earned money.

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