Choosing a mobile printer is not an easy task. This is why you need to be smart when you’re making a decision, and there are some important things that you need to consider before you make your purchase. Here are five simple but useful tips that will help you find that perfect mobile printer.

Tip #1: Functions Always Come First

When you buy a printer, mobile or not, you should always think of the specifications that you need from the device. For instance, if you plan to print professional-quality documents, look for a mobile printer with high resolution. You can identify this by looking at the dpi of the printer. The higher the dpi, the better the resolution is. If you need a fast printer, select a mobile printer with high print speed. Be aware that small printers, at their fastest, can only output about 25 pages per minute.

Tip #2: Identify What Features You Need

Mobile printers are especially useful because of their mobility and additional connectivity. There are some mobile printers which have built-in Bluetooth connectivity. There are others which have infrared connectivity, wireless connectivity, USB flash drive port, and memory card ports. These are what will help you easily print even without a computer or laptop. Depending on what features you want or need for your on-the-go printing, you can choose from a variety of mobile printers available. There are also document printers and photo printers available as mobile printers, but they have very limited printing capacities. For instance, photo printers can only print a maximum size of 5’’ x 7’’ photos, while mobile inkjet printers do not have very high duty cycles. It is important to understand the features of the printer before buying it.

Tip #3: Find a Size that Fits You

Because you’re looking for a mobile printer, you must consider the size of the device. Some mobile printers can be quite bulky even if they are endorsed as mobile, while there are some which are very small but have limited features. In looking for a printer, you should first consider the features before you compare their sizes. In the end, the device with the smallest size and best features in general is the most preferable.

Tip #4: The Price Should Be Right

No matter how functional and high tech a device may be, if it exceeds your budget, then it’s out of your ballpark. An allowance of $100-$300 is usually enough to get a good mobile printer.

Tip #5: How Mobile Could It Get?

When it comes to buying mobile printers, the idea is to get a printer that’s small and easily portable. However, there are some people who just want small printers and not really “portable” ones. There are some not-so-mobile printers on the market that are still quite compact and easy to carry. You can choose between the “small” printers and the “mini” printers, depending on your needs.


Not all mobile printers are great, and not all people need real mobile printers. The selection depends greatly on your preference. But as long as you keep these tips in mind while searching for a mobile printer, you should be able to find exactly what you need.