When it comes to business printing, laser printers are the most popular types of printers used in the industry. But in a large business workplace, printing isn’t the only function required of a device – scanning and copying, and sometimes faxing are also important functions that most professional workplaces require. For businesses that need these functions, the best device is a multi function laser printer. But before you purchase one, it’s important for you to know what the benefits and drawbacks are.


The Advantages of Multi Function Laser Printers

The biggest advantage of using multi function laser printers is that you can save space. Instead of having to use a laser printer, a scanner, a copier, and a fax machine and set them all in different places, you only need to make space for a single device which can perform all of these functions. And the space you can save, you can use for many other devices that you need such as a desktop, a laptop, or a paper folding machine if you need it in your business.

Another great thing about multi function laser printers is that you save money because you only need to buy one device in place of three or four. Imagine if you were to buy a $150-laser printer, a $100-copier, a $100-scanner, and a $100-fax machine. Your total expense would reach $450. But if you purchase a multi function laser printer for $300, you save $150 and get the same functionality.

Multi function laser printers are also functional as printing devices, and they often have even higher printing speeds than single function laser printers offer. The quality of printing is also not compromised by the multiple functions that the device offers.

Also, because they are multi functional, there are some functions which you can use without even having to turn on your computer. For instance, you can produce several copies of a document using the flatbed and you don’t even need to access the device through your computer. If your printer has extended connectivity, it can also print and scan without a computer.

Finally, multi function laser printers are now as versatile as multi function inkjets. Today, technology has improved everything about laser printers and they can now print in color and produce as beautiful, or close to, images and photos as inkjets. The copier also makes use of laser technology so it’s very highly-detailed, especially in text reproduction.

The Disadvantages of Multi Function Laser Printers

What could be the biggest problem about using multi function devices, be it laser or inkjet, is that when one part of it gets broken or damaged, you need to surrender the entire device. This means if you need to have the copier repaired, even your printer, scanner, and fax machine go to the repair shop. You won’t be able to use any of these devices, which could cause delays for the rest of your business needs.

The next problem that you may experience with multi function laser printers is that most of them are only available in monochrome. This eliminates the ability to produce color output and printouts. Color laser printers are available but they can be very costly, and you might even find it cheaper to just buy a multi function inkjet printer for that purpose.

Also, since laser printers are not as good as inkjets in printing colored output, it might be a problem for you to produce good colored printouts using a multi function color laser printer. If you buy only a monochrome one, you won’t be able to print in color. So it’s a choice between multi function color laser or inkjet printers if you really need to print colored output.

Repair is also much more expensive if you have your multi function laser printer serviced. Single function laser printers are already more expensive to have repaired as compared to inkjets – what more laser printers with additional scanner, copier, and fax functions? Even if you only need the printer or the copier repaired, the cost would still be higher as compared to single function devices.


Just like with any other product, if you purchase a multi function laser printer, you need to be prepared to accept all of its benefits as well as its drawbacks. There is no perfect product, unfortunately. What you can do is find one device that matches all of the requirements that you need in a multifunction device, and hope for the best.