Computer networking is a process which allows various computers to be connected with each other using either a wired or wireless network. Today, some of the popular devices that are used within networks are printers, and many people have realized the efficiency of using printers in networks because you only need to purchase a single printer for the use of several computers. The newest method of networking printers is to do so wirelessly, and the main device used to activate the network is the wireless printer server. For those who do not know what a wireless printer server is, here are some frequently asked questions along with the answers.

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What is a Wireless Printer Server?

Wireless printer servers are the devices which are used to connect a printer to a wireless network. This printer server is wireless, although a printer that is connected to it should be connected via an Ethernet wire. Thus, wireless printer servers are only for the use of wired-network enabled printers. Wireless printers do not need these servers because they already have built-in wireless connectivity abilities that allow them to connect to routers without a server. This means that wireless printer servers are only used for making wired network-enabled printers wireless.

What are the Advantages of Using Wireless Printer Servers?

There are a lot of benefits that wireless printer servers offer. First, it allows you to connect wired printers wirelessly with other computers apart from the main computer where the printer is originally connected. It makes the printer act like a wireless printer even if it’s actually wired.

Second, it nullifies the limitations of the printer’s location, which is generally near the main computer. You can place a printer anywhere you want as long as the server is still reachable by the router signal.

Third, using a wireless printer allows you to print even if the computer is turned off. All you have to do is connect the printer to the wireless server and use other internet-enabled devices like smart phones, Wi-Fi enabled phones, and others, and you can easily print documents and web pages on the wireless printer.

Fourth, it saves time, energy, and money to use a wireless-enabled printer as compared to a wired one. If you want to use a wired network printer for several computers, you would need to use a separate router and a wire to connect the printer to the main computer. On the other hand, using a wireless printer makes it easier to connect to several computers because all you have to do is configure the settings of the computers to match the printer network so they can all be connected wirelessly.

Who Needs a Wireless Printer Server?

Wireless printer servers are best used by individuals who want more freedom. Offices with several computers can cut back on costs significantly by using a wireless printer server. Also, internet cafes with several computers benefit from their use. To save the expense of having to buy a new wireless printer, using a wireless printer server is best for extending the connectivity of a wired printer.


Not everyone needs a wireless printer server, and not all people benefit from using them. However, for individuals who want to have a wireless printer but already have wired printers, instead of buying a new wireless printer, a wireless printer server is enough to produce the same result.