There are many reasons as to why portable printers have become very popular in the market. One of the reasons is that, portable printer allows a user to experience a printer’s functionality from any part of life. Portable printers are rapidly becoming the preferred option to not only professionals but also for students. They are designed designed to allow user to print documents anywhere they are, especially while traveling.. There are a variety of Portable printers out there. Most of these printers come have different designs and prices. Therefore, a consumer is always presented with many options. However, our best advices a careful study of each printer before decide to buy it.

Best Portable Printers

1. HP Officejet 100 Mobile printers

HP Officejet 100 Mobile inkjet all in one printer comes with a wide range of capabilities. It produces both colored and black print outs. It has a printing speed of 5 pages per minute for black and 3-4 pages per minute for colored. Furthermore, this printer also has an awesome processor speed that helps it to achieve its designated goal. The device also comes with Bluetooth technology that allows user to share files from the laptop or any other mobile devices. It works very perfectly with most versions of windows operating system. Just like many printers, HP office jet 1oo has been equipped with a USB port of 2.0. This means that you can print your documents or photos on the USB.

As a multifunction printer, the device let users to scan, print and copy documents. This printer do not has compatibility issues with most OS. It works effectively with any windows OS from XP to windows 8. It also works great with Mac operating system. In fact, it supports some of the latest versions of Mac. If you are a Linux user, you need not to worry because it’s fully compatible. Additionally it has an inbuilt Bluetooth technology that allows printing without physical connectivity. May be this could be the reason as to why it is most cherished by consumers. It also known for the quality print outs it produces. Upon purchase, it is proffered with a warranty and a manual. What makes it even better is its processing speed and memory capacity. Its high printing speeds is pegged on its robust processor. This mobile printer can easily be cleaned and used. No amount of expertise is required to operate it.

2. Epson Workforce WF 100

One of the ways to improve your home office productivity as a professional is by having a portable printers. The Epson Workforce WF 100 is an unique and elegant portable mobile printer because of its versatility. you can carry it to your bags while on the go. It easy to use and the shape is so interesting in the sense and most customers are very pleased with its performance. This printer has a 1.4 inch LCD display and can be charged via USB or AC adapter. It works wirelessly so guaranteed for you fast printing. Epson WF 100 has a high processing speed which enables it to fully meet its requirement specification. The printing speed is 6-7 pages per minute of black pages.

3. ZINK Phone Photo & Labels Wireless Printer

ZINK hAppy Smart App Printer hAppy is the compact and portable printer that has been equipped with a number of cool features, Wi-Fi, app-accessory that lets user to print directly from smartphones or tablet PC. It is very simple and easy to use, all you have to do is download its free app “ZINK Design & Print Studio” and install to your phone devices to start print. This printer is fully compatible with iOS devices, Android as well as Amazon Kindle Fire tablets. It is even compatible with apps like AirPrint as well as Google Cloud print apps. The printer makes use of zRolls of Zink and that are available in 3/8 inches, 1/2 inches, 1 inch and even 2 inches width. It works efficiently well with iPad, iPod touch and with iPhone.

4. Brother Printer MFCJ5520DW

 The Amazon dash replenishment enabled printer upon activation of its services is branded to measure the ink level automatically and even order the ink from Amazon when it is low. The cost of printing is very low, and the cartridges made use are of super high yield. It is efficient in wireless mobile device printing, and with the use of the multipurpose tray, it is possible to print up to 80 sheets of 8.5 x11 inches. The product is made available with a limited warranty of 2 years.

5. Primera Trio Portable All-in-One Printer 31001

The Primera Trio Portable printer is the lightest and the world’s smallest all in one printer. It weighs about 2.6lbs and the main functions it carries out include scanning of documents, print and copy. It prints both in colour as well as black and white and functions with USB connectivity of 2.0. Up to 10 sheets can be placed on the input tray for printing.

6. HP Office Jet 200 (CZ993A)

It is an excellent portable printer which is efficient in printing easily from mobile devices as well as laptop and without or with a router. It starts printing in no time and the set up of the HP printer is made easy with the auto wireless connection. It is a durable printer that can easily fit even in your car and even in your backpack. It provides thefacility of easy mobile printing and is a productive printer that can be charged easily at home and at theoffice. Charging interruptions are reduced as it is built in with long lasting battery.