More and more technology is being created for people who are always on the go. Whether it is smaller and lighter laptops or smaller and lighter smart phones, the technology maintains its features even as it gets smaller and lighter. So it is not surprising that printers have followed the trend and it is now possible to choose from any number of portable printers for laptop computers.

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When you think about it, the idea of portable printers makes a lot of sense. You now have a computer that can go anywhere and it is not surprising that you can now have a printer with you when you travel. Think of how portable printers might work when you are visiting with a client and you want to give them a hard copy of your proposal or company information. You no longer need to return to your office to print it off and then mail it to them. You can now use one of any number of portable printers to hand your client the material they need, right at the close of your meeting.

There are many advantages to having a portable printer with you. If you are flying you can easily print out your boarding pass. If you need to make a change in a proposal you printed at the office, you can make the change in the document on your laptop and immediately print out an up to date version for your client. In addition to documents, portable printing devices can also print photographs. If your business requires you to take pictures, such as real estate, you can download the images to your laptop and leave your client with actual printed copies of the photos.

With the number of portable printing units available to purchase, you will need to carefully evaluate your needs so that you chose the right unit to match your requirements. Once you have determined what features you want, it will be easier to narrow down the number of units that will work for you. One thing to consider is how often you will be using the printer. If you will be using it often and for a wide variety of purposes, you might want a printer that can print photos and documents on a wide range of paper sizes. If photos are important to you, then you want to look at the portable printers capable of printing an excellent quality photograph.

Of course cost is going to be a factor. Portable printing units can cost more than comparable desktop units. That is why it is very important to evaluate how and when you will be using the printer so that you spend your money for features that you really need. You should also consider the cost of the ink, especially if you will be printing photos or highly colored documents.

There are many good reasons to have a portable printer. If you are in real estate, you can print out photos of properties that your clients are interested in with portable photo printers. If you are selling a product, you can print out photos and documentation of your products. If you are at a meeting and have come across a relevant web site, you can print out copies of the site to give to the meeting attendees. If your business takes you on the road by car, you can print out driving directions. If you like to give out paper copies of your presentation and find yourself making revisions, you will be able to hand out new copies with your changes.

When looking at portable laptop printers you will find a variety of functionality, size, price, weight, print quality, speed and available accessories. All of these should be considered when you are ready to buy. If you simply need to print photos, for instance, you can narrow down available portable printers to ones that print only photos. If you will never print photos, you can limit your evaluation of these printers to document only units.

Portable printing units also come in many different weights and sizes. How you use your printer might limit your choices. If you travel by flying, you will probably want the smallest and lightest unit to carry through airports. However, if you travel by car, size and weight might not be as important a feature as compared to price or quality of output. Also, when considering the weight of a unit, be sure to include any accessories that are important to you. Things like power cables, batteries and carrying cases can all add onto the weight you will be carrying.

Other items to consider when looking at small portable printers are the quality of the output and how fast it prints. Many portable units can produce output as good as desktop units. If you typically will be printing only a few pages, speed might not be an issue. However, if your proposal size typically runs to many pages, printing speed will be important. Speed can be a significant factor when printing a color picture so if color photos are important to you, choose a printer that will turn out that photo quickly.

Finally, determine what accessories are available for your printer and what accessories come with the printer. Ask lots of questions. Does it come with a battery but no outlet cable? Or does it come with a cable but no battery? How much will the battery or cable cost? How long does a battery typically last? Is a car charger available for the battery or the printer? How does the printer connect to your laptop? Does it use a USB cable? Can you connect it wirelessly? What capabilities does your laptop need to use a particular printer?

Carefully look at what is available in portable printers, ask a lot of questions, read the literature and specifications, and think about how you will use it. The right portable printer for your use and your needs will enhance your way of doing business and will provide you with an invaluable tool.