Printers are available in many types and for any new buyer it is no way less than a nightmare to get the right device. If you have home business or home office, it is highly recommended to buy a home printer. There are actually many great printers for home use out there and some of them can be seen below. Please note that these printers have been used by a lot of people in the world and most customers are very pleased with their performance.

Top 10 Best Printers For Home Use

1. HP Envy 4520 

This is a printer offered by the HP. The HP Envy 4520 is the sleek and stylish printer for the home use. The compact design makes it easy to carry around the house and also ideal choice for travelling apart from it can be used from any room by using the wireless functions. It is loaded with quite a mode where the printing jobs can be done silently. It will not take more than 15 seconds to print an image in economy mode. However, the following printing will take almost 7 seconds to print after the first page. This is the best printer for home use who prefers speed and reliability without any compromise on the quality.

2. Canon PIXMA PRO-10

If you own your home business and want a printer that can help to print high-quality photo printing, you can consider to buy the Canon PIXMA PRO 10. It offers the best compatibility along with the best connectivity features. There are special dye inks which are used in the Canon PIXMA Pro 10. It ensures the best in class photo printing technology in the compact size. It is built with durable materials which ensure longevity. It is not only perfect for home users but also great for the digital photographers who want to explore everything. There is no compromise on the quality of the photography. This printer also supports the Canon Chromalife inks. The new ink ensures high-quality photo printing and more.

3. HP OfficeJet Pro 6968 

When it comes to ideal printing for the photos, then HP OfficeJet Pro is the best All-In-One printer. The Instant Ink makes it faster than any other printer in this category. Apart from that, it can be used for professional photography as well as official printing. It takes less ink while printing that is why it is very cost effective. In spite of taking less ink; there is no compromise on the quality text and pictures. The wireless functions are very handy which eliminates the cables from the printer. It is quite easy to perform a set-up even from a Smartphone. However, it may take some time during set-up which is ok. Overall, it’s an ideal device for home office as well as small workgroups who need professional printer.

4. Canon Office and Business MX922

The Canon MX922 can be a good friend for home users and also great for business or even photographers because it supports a variety of network connections including AirPrint feature. There is no need of wire for printing; you can directly print using their Wi-Fi enabled camera. Apart from that Canon also pushes regular updates which maintain the functionality for the daily printing. It can be paired with a wireless router to update the firmware of the printer. It is a pleasure to print by this printer because of the quality and quantity. It is a versatile printer that is why you can print anything you want. The users can use it to print for business as well as photo printing.

5. HP Envy 5540

When it comes to the demand of the latest technology, then the HP EnvyWireless is the best printer. It is the best HP printer for the home use. It also offers multiple functions which are missing in the printer. The wireless printing is a pleasure for the photographers. The best part is that anybody can use the printer along with Smartphone, tablet and computer. This printer also offers scanning and touches screen display for convenient operation. It can be used to re-print on the opposite side a used paper without any major problem. It is very easy to setup the by using the instruction.

6. HP OfficeJet 4650

HP OfficeJet 4650 is the new wireless printer which has quick and painless set-up. This printer has achieved the professional quality printing and afive-star rating from the customer. It will not take more than 15 minutes to complete the whole setup. It offers all the advanced features which are required for the advanced photography. It supports true color rendering in the printing which is the preferable for the photographers. The seamless installation will not take more than 10 minutes with the CD drive and the software CD. It can be used for official as well as personal because there are various modes and features.

7. HP Envy 5660 All-in-One

This is another printer from HP which is HP Envy 5660. It offers All-in-One functionality. There are many advanced features like high-quality printing, image printing, black and white printing, scan and other advanced features. It is very easy to operate using the 2.65 inches touch screen display. There are different buttons for different modes. There is a fast printing mode which is faster than faster. It is ideal for the photographers because it is very cost effective. It can be used to scan old photographs to store the same in the PC without any problem. The price of this HP Envy 5660 is in affordable price tag.

8. HP Envy 7640

When it comes to versatility, the HP Envy 7640 is the best choice. There is wireless connectivity, scanning, sharing and other advanced feature in the compact size. The best part is that anybody can use multiple devices along with this printer without any problem. It supports Air Print technology along with HP Photosmart feature that is why the quality of the printing improves automatically. It also comes with the CD drive for the setup which promises faster setup than previous models. When it comes to printing the touch screen is helpful for users. There is a reset button which resets the printer completely.

9. Canon MX492 All-IN-One Small Printer

The Canon MX492 is the best printer for the photographer because it supports cloud features along with the traditional features of wireless printing. It can be paired with the DSLR and SLR camera which can be used for direct printing. The easy setup makes it faster operation. The best part is that this printer supports fax. It can be used as networking printer. When it comes to the quality, this printer offers the balance between quality and performance. It also comes with auser manual which consists all the instructions to operate the small sized smart printer. It also supports fast printing mode which is the best feature of this router.

10. Epson XP-640 Color Photo Printer

When it comes to the best printers for the photographers, then Epson XP-640 stands out from the crowd with its powerful features. This printer is ideal for the 4×5 and 5×7 printing. It is equipped with all the advanced features. It is loaded with advanced feature for the home and business use. It also supports fast printing. It is the high-quality printer that is ideal for the photo printing. It comes with ink cartages and photo printing papers. It may be weighty, but it is the best printer. It will not take huge time to setup and pair with the Smartphone. The setup procedures are quite easy there is a manual which consists step by step guide.

Planning to buy a printer for home use is best done considering these 4 tips:

Ease of Use 

Using the device is based on your occupation. A home user may go for a printer that conveniently handles stationery to photos without the need of breaking the bank. The best for home office is the color inkjet.

In case you run your business from your home, you must ascertain that the printer you intend purchasing is able to fax invoices and scan documents. The device should print colorful brochures. People wishing to use multiple devices for your business, may go for a printer featuring mobile printing features. A device that is capable of handling these trades is certainly the best device as it is known to be the all-in-one or multifunction printer. It can executes all tasks, besides is space saving.

If your profession is photography, consider buying a dedicated photo printer. Besides buying the device also consider the paper path options, supported papers and color-management tools.

A student may consider a printer that can print thesis and term papers such that it cranks out crisp test pages and also detailed images. For contemporary use, you may opt for printer featuring dedicated apps allowing receiving documents to your printer at home. In case the same printer has to be shared with other students, consider the one featuring Wi-Fi.

If you are a student, you will most likely be printing term papers and thesis; therefore, you should go for a device with the ability of cranking out pages of crisp text and detailed images. To be modern you should go with a printer with dedicated apps that allow you to send documents to your home.

Ink-jet Vs. Laser

The two common printer types are ink-jet for light printing and even is the best choice if you plan printing color pictures. The fact cannot be denied that you will spend in excess owing to the expensive ink.

If you want to print fast or print text, you should consider permanent printing or opt for a laser device. This will include an upfront cost, but is comparatively cheaper owing to cheaper supplies. It also enjoys an advantage that it is easy to repair and is less expensive.


Buying a reputable and well-known brand printer helps in getting service, software, supplies and support. The popular brands are of high quality and ensure you have quality printer.

Shape, Size and Capability 

The features required depend on your needs. People experiencing lack of space, must consider multifunction or all-in-one printer. Nevertheless, people on the move should consider choosing appropriate portable printer.


Being cautious is a must when you plan purchasing a printer so that you get the right device.  Ensure that buying a printer featuring a warranty is recommended, so that it will be taken care at least for a specific period.