All in one color printers come in two basic types: inkjet and laser. This article discusses some important facts about the two basic types of all in one color printers.

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Inkjet All in One Color Printers

Basically, all inkjet printers can print in color, so when it comes to choosing a preferred type of all in one color printer, inkjets always get the majority of the votes. This is mainly because inkjet printers are more affordable than laser printers. There are inkjet all in ones which can be bought for as low as $50, brand new.

The color printing capability of inkjet printers is also quite remarkable, which makes them favorable if your goal is to produce high-quality colored printouts. For business and professional uses such as printing brochures, flyers, menus, and other advertisement handouts, inkjet all in one printers fit the bill. You can simply print one copy and reproduce it automatically using the copier. You can also receive faxed full-color documents from different locations.

However, the major drawback of inkjet printers is their expense. The ink of these printers is quite costly and if you calculate the yield of the printouts produced by the cartridges, they can reach up to $0.20 per page, which is quite high if you compare the cost per page of laser printers. Nevertheless, many people still use these devices because their major concern is not the expense, but the quality of the printouts produced.

Laser All in One Color Printers

Laser printers are much more expensive than inkjet printers, and because laser printers are usually monochrome, color laser printers are much more expensive than monochrome ones. The cheapest color laser printer is around $150.

But if you compare the cost of a laser all in one color printer as an entire device to an inkjet color all in one printer, you would find that in the end, the cost is almost the same. The competition is mainly based on the printing cost of the devices, since laser color printers have a very low print cost per page. If an inkjet printer has a print cost of $0.20 per page, laser color printers are around $0.03-$0.05 per page – a very big difference that can lead to a very big cost savings. If you print 1000 pages per month, the $200 expense using inkjet printers is a 400% increase in the standard $50 expense of a laser printer.

But how does this result to equal costs on both sides? If the savings of laser printing costs can reach 400% that of the inkjet cost, that means laser printers are overall cheaper in cost. But if you include the expense of the repair of laser printers, you will find that having a laser printer repaired is much more expensive than having an inkjet printer repaired. Laser all in ones add to the expense because the cost for repairing an all in one is always more costly even if you just need to have one function repaired. The reason why repair services charge higher for all in ones is that these devices are more complicated, so there is more training, time, and expertise required to successfully repair a laser all in one.


Between laser and inkjet all in one color printers, there is no “best” or “right” choice. It all depends on your personal needs and projected uses for the device. Now that you know the differences between lasers and inkjets, you’ll be able to make a more educated, informed decision regarding which printer is right for you.