Receipt printers are very important for the POS, the point of sale system. They are of high use in the retail shops to print slips of credit card and customer receipts. Restaurants print orders using the receipt printers to the kitchen inside or at the bar. Receipt printer, one of most essential devices for the retailers, is in high demand. In commercial sector especially in the retail market, it is an indispensable item.

5 Best Receipt Printers

1. Star TSP100 TSP143U, USB, Receipt Printer

Star TSP100 TSP143U Receipt Printer is the product of the brand Star Micronics. This all- in- one receipt printer has come up in one box. High-speed performance and easy navigation are reasons for popularity. Internal power supply, power cable, complete mounting kits, interface cable even paper roll have been included, so that users can set it up easily. Customers can redesign their receipt, but there is no need for modification of installed application. They can add the logo, incorporate the coupons; even before printing, receipt can be previewed for enhancing bar code. Everyone can afford this printer because of its reasonable price range.

2. ReadyPrint T20 Direct Thermal Printer

It is one of the best receipt printers, and people like to use it for the impressive features and qualities. ReadyPrint T20 Direct Thermal Printer has many good features and the product of Epson is very efficient but very economical. Everyone can afford it without being financially tensed. 12 x 10 x 10 inches printer is very compatible with windows 7 and 8 with POS software. Though theprint volume is not too high, for medium and small scale business Epson’s this printer is ideal. As it comes up with USB interface, software along with two years guarantee, there is nothing to be worried.

3. Star Micronics, TSP143IIU GRY US

This model is another user-friendly printer of Star Micronics that is an eco-friendly printer. 8 x 5.6 x 5.2 inches device has come up with USB Cable, power supply, USB printer and auto cut machine. Just like Star TSP100 TSP143U model, the addition of logo, coupons, can be done. And application re-modification is not required while users are redesigning receipt. The performance of this printer is quite good; basically, it is a fast pace receipt printer that allows operating system drivers for Plug and plays automatic installation. The cost of this eco-friendly printer is very nominal, so users don’t have to think about thecost of it.

4. Smart&Cool® SC-58H USB POS Printer

If someone is looking for a high-quality receipt printer, hopefully, Smart&Cool® SC-58H USB POS Printer can meet their expectation. Space- saving thestructure and easy navigation process draw the attention of the users. It has cash drawer control facility along with at 90mm/S printing speed. A print character can be adjusted with the help of bold, amplify, underline, line spacing, character spacing, etc. This receipt printer is not only compatible with several international languages but also ESC/POS printing instruction set perfectly goes with it. Win9X/WinME/Win2000/Winxp/WinVista/Win7 are the operating systems that support this printer. A manual has also been provided with the box for the ease of the users.

5. Epson TM-T20II Direct Thermal Printer

TM-T20II Direct Thermal Printer, a product of the Epson is very popular among the low volume retailers. Users get clear printing, fresh logos, barcode, and coupons. Text and graphics both can be printed out up to 200mm second speed. Up to 30% paper usage can be reduced with the help of this printer. Due to easy installation and simply set up procedure, it earns immense popularity. Drivers, cables, manuals, external power supply and set up installation have been included in it. As box carries manual, users don’t have to face much trouble during installation. Though it doesn’t have Ethernet or Bluetooth USB and serial interface facilities are also included.

The main options to choose receipt printers :

Ink jet printers 

Ink jet printers feature print heads that are tiny droplets of liquid ink.   They are worth considering if you need high quality, logos, color or coupons printed on your receipts, but the replacing ink cartridges cost is substantial.

Thermal Printers 

Thermal printers are popular and expensive. Thermal printer’s supplies ensure faster speed, improved quality of print and quieter functioning.  Printing of thermal printers has direct contact between thermal paper and thermal head by generating heat. Thus, thermal printers do not need toner or ink, thereby it helps making up with higher initial cost. Thermal printing includes recent developments such as double-sided receipt printing.

Dot Matrix Printers

Dot matrix printers are also referred to as impact printers. They are least expensive, reliable and involve minimal costs of operating replacing ribbons and paper.  Ribbon matrix printers include tiny pins supported on the print head, such that it works with an ink ribbon to produce a series of dots forming the letters on the paper.  They can be printed in two colors, red and black and are capable of printing graphics. Generally, Dot matrix ranges from $175 to $350. These are well known for the kitchen environments as the temperatures of kitchen are not favorable with thermal printers.


  • There are 3 interfaces types such as RS-232 Serial, USB and Parallel. Ascertain to understand the number of ports available and its types, besides other peripherals should also stay connected.
  • Is there compatibility with the receipt printer with your POS software? Even if you know, it is best to check before purchasing.
  • Do you plan to implement a printer such that it is connected to cash drawer? If yes, you need to ensure the receipt printer is attuned. 

Printer resolutions 

  • Printer speed: The printer must have fast and easy changing paper rolls. This is essential to keep the customers waiting. Does it have an auto cutter and does it cost little extra, must be taken into consideration, in association with the printer speed.
  • Budget: The budget is a must factor, so ensure to invest wisely so that it accommodates your essential needs. There are companies implementing technology that is energy saving in receipt printers, so that the paper amount used in receipt printing is reduced. Consider the environment friendly factor over savings time.

Final word, you may consider the reliability, brand name and warranty options as the important consideration so that you ensure you are benefitted with the most from the receipt printer from your investment.  Carefully considering these factors help in making the appropriate decision for your business and in buying a receipt printer.